Do you raise money for charity in your store? YWPF are looking for retailers to help support animal conservation and welfare projects across the globe! Raising money is easy and won’t cost you a penny!

Throw Away the Collection Tin

Pennies is a great way of raising money for Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation, allowing customers the chance to donate a small sum of money when they pay on card.

Giving to charities through everyday card purchases chimes with consumers, who are looking to give their small change a big purpose in ways that match their lifestyles. In recent research, 71% of the public told us that they prefer to give in small amounts in ad-hoc ways, rather than ‘planned giving’. And with almost a third of us (31%) frequently leaving the house without cash.

Benefits to Retailers

No Cost to You

Once switched on, Pennies works quietly in the background and there are no ongoing costs to support. There is no physical collection tin required either.

Engage Your Customers

Pennies works with you and your chosen charity to share the impact of your customers’ small change and to say thank you, bringing them closer to your brand.

No Staff Involvement

The customer is presented with a one click option asking if they wish to donate on the card machine. It’s their choice, and even easier than dropping coins in a charity box.

How Can I Start?

Setting up Pennies is easy and we will do all of the hard work for you! If you are looking to use Pennies to raise money for Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation, please email and we will take it from there!