Working for Madagascar’s highly endangered lemurs, through cooperation with the Malagasy people, the AEECL is a charitable organisation run by a consortium of European Zoos and Universities. One of their priorities is the blue-eyed black lemur (Eulemur macaco flavifrons), one of Madagascar’s rarest lemur species.

Blue-eyed black lemur

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation have awarded a 3 year grant of £5,000 a year to help establish and run a protected reserve to help save the blue-eyed black lemur from extinction. Slash and burn land clearing and hunting in its native Madagascar have reduced numbers to less than 1,000 in the wild with experts facing a race against time to save it. The grant will support lemur conservation projects including protection of the blue-eyed black lemurs’ habitat, education of the local communities, developing eco-tourism and promoting research and studies of the animals in their native habitat.

The project is run by the AEECL (Association Européenne pour l’Étude et la Conservation des Lémuriens), a charitable consortium of European zoos and universities, dedicated to lemur conservation. It works in the remote north-west reaches of the Indian Ocean island Madagascar. It has a permanent research station in the region and collaborates with the local Malagasy communities to develop conservation, build schools, fund schoolteachers, restore forests and improve the economy.

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