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Wild Dogs and Lion Protection in Mozambique

Fauna & Flora International’s work to protect Chuilexi’s lion and wild dog populations receives vital support from Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation, and plays an integral role in an integrated conservation programme across the whole conservancy.

A 50-strong scout force equipped with the latest radio communications technology is helping to boost anti-poaching measures through a concerted monitoring and law enforcement programme spanning the entire conservancy. These patrol teams routinely collect valuable data on lion and wild dog sightings, movements and behaviour, but their increased presence and wider coverage serve as a strong deterrent to would-be poachers.

Reserve staff have recorded wild dog packs containing up to 22 individuals in Chuilexi. Lion prides are typically in single figures, emphasising just how vulnerable these populations are to any further reduction in numbers.

Since four lions were found poisoned in a neighbouring concession on the border of Chuilexi late last year, no further cases of lion poisoning have been recorded in the immediate vicinity. FFI Chief Executive Mark Rose was quick to acknowledge:

“We need perpetual vigilance to safeguard lions, wild dogs and other species from traditional and emerging threats to their survival within and outside the reserve. The generous support that we receive for our activities in Chuilexi is vital to our continued success in this regard.”Mark Rose - FFI Chief Executive