The Giraffe Conservation Foundation is the only NGO in the world that concentrates solely on the conservation and management of giraffe in the wild across Africa. Dedicated to a sustainable future for all giraffe populations in the wild, GCF’s objective is to raise awareness for, provide support to and secure a future for giraffe and conserve their habitat in Africa.

Giraffe Conservation

Not well known as an endangered species, there is thought to be less than 1,500 Rothschild’s giraffe remaining in the wild. YWPF are regular supporters of GCF, a charity committed to the conservation of these gentle African giants. Specifically, YWPF supported a major relocation project, named Operation Twiga. This project was put into action in Uganda in January 2016, where 18 giraffe crossed the Nile to populate a new area within Murchison Falls National Park.

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation currently estimate that there are less than 1,500 Rothschild’s giraffe left in the wild, at least 1,250 of these Giraffe are living in the northern part of Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda. Rothschild’s giraffe’s habitat in Murchison Falls National Park is under threat, due to increasing mining pressure, as oil has been discovered in the core Giraffe range.

The translocation of Rothschild’s giraffe was critical to increase their range and create a satellite population in a new area to ensure their sustainable long-term survival. Operation Twiga was a huge success and a great example of how partners across the world can come together for giraffe conservation in Africa.

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