Instituto Araguaia are a charity committed to the conservation of the Cantão ecosystem in Brazil. The beautiful ecosystem of Cantão home to an abundance of fauna, in particular fish, aquatic reptiles, hoatzins, giant otters and jaguar. Illegal fishing and poaching is a big problem in Cantão, something Instituto Araguaia are working hard to combat.

Giant Otters in Cantão

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation is an active supporter of a key project in remote areas of South America to preserve the Giant Otter threatened by deforestation, commercial fisheries, and increased industrialization across the Amazon Basin. YWPF funds a scheme to improve management and conservation of the Cantão ecosystem, carrying out local field surveys in the 90,000 hectare Cantão State Park, in Brazil, which is home to 700 species of birds and 300 species of fish. The project will improve awareness of the Giant Otters and the need for conservation, and will create local jobs as 30 oxbow lakes and river channels will be constantly monitored and other areas surveyed.

Working in association with Yorkshire Wildlife Park, YWPF are working to raise awareness for the endangered giant otter at the park, the new otter reserve at Yorkshire Wildlife Park will help visitors understand the species and their fight for survival.

“We have put a lot of work into creating a safe and stimulating home for these beautiful animals who are sadly under threat and we hope to inspire our visitors to help us help them.”Cheryl Williams - YWPF CEO

Instituto Araguaia can only continue the conservation of the delicate Cantão ecosystem and the endangered giant otters with your continued support! If you would like to donate to YWPF, please click the DONATE TODAY button below.