Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) are located in Zimbabwe, one of painted dogs’ last strongholds. PDC works with the local communities to make sure they and the painted dogs that live alongside them, have a viable and sustainable future.

Painted Dog Vaccine Programme

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation supports the PDC vaccine programme to protect domestic dogs from diseases like canine distemper which is spread to and kills painted dogs. PDC frequently set up clinics for domestic dogs in villages surrounding PDC’s Painted Dog rehabilitation centre, armed with thousands of vaccines, the PDC team aim to increase the health of domestic dogs and create a disease barrier around the area painted dogs frequently pass through.

The vaccination of domestic dogs is an imperative factor for halting the decline of painted dog populations, however, educating local villagers is also important. While domestic dog owners are having their dogs vaccinated, the PDC team educate the owners and local villagers about the importance and benefits of living in harmony with painted dogs.

Painted Dog Conservation are looking to go out on further vaccination trips, expanding the project in Hwange and the Victoria Falls area where there has been a large outbreak of Canine Distemper Virus (CDV), hiring more vets and collaborating with more organisations. They can only do this with the continued support of people like you who donate regularly to YWPF. If you would like to donate money to YWPF for Painted Dogs, then please click the DONATE TODAY button below.