The sole aim of the Wild Camel Protection Foundation is to protect the critically endangered wild camel (Camelus ferus) and its habitat in the fragile and unique desert ecosystems in the Gobi desert in north-west China and south-west Mongolia. It is the only charitable environmental Foundation in the world which has this exclusive objective.

Wild Camel Release

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation recently funded a major conservation project where six wild Bactrian Camels were released back into the wild. The Bactrian camels had to be taken across in hospitable terrain to release points at oasis sites 600 and 250 kilometres from their breeding centre near the Mongolia-China border in journeys that took up to 15 hours.

They were transported in trucks, specially adapted to cope with the rugged terrain and, after monitoring, all six trotted off happily into the wild. The British Ambassador to Mongolia, Caroline Arnold, was thrilled to watch the release which was handled by the Wild Camel Protection Fund, in protected areas recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme for the camels’ new homes.

“It is wonderful to see these animals given a chance and we are proud to be supporting this conservation effort”.

“After a short rest following their journey, the camels trotted off into the surrounding vegetation. It is good to have Mongolian government support and the backing of the British Embassy to save this species from extinction.”

Cheryl Williams, YWPF Trustee

The camels have been fitted with satellite collars so the project can monitor their movements and it is hoped they can provide fresh blood for existing herds. Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation, which is supported by the kind donations of visitors to YWP, was instrumental in the carefully co-ordinated release.