Wildlife Vets International was created to provide the veterinary support and skills to conservationists saving endangered species. We believe that training key people in conservation medicine will contribute to sustainable, long-term solutions for saving wild animals and the people with whom they share their world.

Painted Dog Conservation

One of the most endangered species in Africa, it is thought that there are fewer than 3,000 left in the wild. Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation are proud to work with Wildlife Vets International (WVI) to halt the population decline of this iconic hunter.

Painted Dogs are at great risk from infectious diseases like distemper and rabies. These diseases are easily spread from domestic dogs to Painted Dogs due to encroaching human populations. WVI regularly man trips to Zimbabwe to set up clinics for domestic dogs in villages surrounding Painted Dog Conservation’s (PDC) Painted Dog rehabilitation centre on the edge of Hwange National Park. Armed with vaccines, the team venture to the African country aiming to increase the health of domestic dogs, creating a disease barrier around the area Painted Dogs frequently pass through.

Not only this but WVI help educate African villagers about living in harmony with Painted Dogs. While villagers wait for their domestic dogs to be vaccinated, wormed, de-flea’d, treated for minor injuries and neutered the PDC/WVI team talk to them about the benefits of living with Painted Dogs and other parts of the PDC programme.

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